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“Does insurance cover you? Having insurance nowadays is very important. We never know when the bad day will come. It can happen anytime and anywhere; insurance is ready to provide financial protection to you, including health, life, accidents, property, travel, and many others.”

Life Insurance

What is life insurance? Definition of life insurance is a program of protection for the family if things happen that are not desirable, such as death, to the insurance policyholder. Life protection is intended to provide financial security and definite protection to the bereaved family if the insured dies. We, as the insured, are required to pay a premium regularly. Instead, the company will provide financial coverage to the bereaved family as stated in the contract agreement.

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Before choosing insurance, it is better first to study what products are offered and compare one insurance product with another. Please make sure the life insurance benefits offered are by your needs, for example, a total disability benefit that allows us to get the sum insured when we are no longer able to work. In addition, make sure the life insurance company you choose is credible and trustworthy.

"Having insurance protection is a guarantee that everyone must own. It's time for you to have an insurance product to protect yourself, your beloved family, and your property. Never assume insurance protection is not important. On the contrary, it makes it necessary to provide certainty in life in the future."

Car Insurance

What is car insurance? Car insurance is a product offered by an insurance company to protect your car, or a protection product that can cover loss, damage, or loss of a motor vehicle due to the risk afflicts your car. For the sake of driving comfort, you should get car insurance protection.

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For some people having car insurance is not so important because they can drive a vehicle carefully to avoid accidents. Not to mention, managing a car insurance claim is difficult, and the procedure is convoluted so that the required funds are disbursed. However, that assumption is not entirely true because submitting a claim can be done quickly and easily as long as all the documents and conditions for car insurance have been met when you submit it.

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